My first experience with photography that I recall was in the dark room of my dad’s oldest brother. There, surrounded by that somewhat creepy red light, little eight year-old me gazed with wonder at the container filled with what appeared to be just plain, clear water. As my uncle carefully pinched and swished a piece of white paper inside the liquid, something slowly started to show… my face! Yes, my face on the paper, in brownish colors. I couldn’t decide who or what had the supernatural powers… if the paper, the liquid, or my chubby, smiling uncle.


Since then, photography has been my passion.

At 13, I used to play with my father’s old folding camera. I still remember a black and white double exposure that I created where a headless me stood next to a crouched me, my hand (the standing me’s hand) resting on my shoulder (the crouched me’s shoulder). Photography, then, was an expensive hobby, and it kept being like that until the advent of the digital era. Nevertheless, I can recall holding a camera in my hand throughout my entire life. Later there was my father’s Yashica, then my boyfriend’s little Minolta, next a Kodak… I used to stop on the sidewalks and kneel from time to time. I remember people saying, with disbelief, “Look, she’s taking a picture of… an ant!”

At 22, as a college student of Journalism, I got a job at a photo lab. I did mostly portraits and events. I found myself again in the small red-lighted room, and this time I knew there were no supernatural powers. Yet, the image slowly appearing on the paper continued to fascinate me as much as when I was eight.

Life took me through different paths, but for all those years photography was my most passionate hobby. Wherever I went, with my family and friends, I was always the “designated photographer”.  Holidays, birthdays, parties, vacations… you name it. There I was, camera in hand, immortalizing those precious moments that we knew would otherwise end up stored in some obscure corner of our brains.

In 2007, my husband gave me a Nikon D-80, and I started to think of photography as something more than just a passionate hobby. Since then, I’ve been submitting photos for contests, micro stock agencies and other websites geared to photographers. I won a couple of awards and sold a few pictures through the stock agencies. Stock photography, however, isn’t actually my main goal as a photographer. Being creative is the best thing about taking pictures and there’s no room for creativity in stock photography.

During my ten years working at the Denver Public Library, I used to regularly take pictures related to work, like craft samples and coverture of our numerous regular programs and special events. After retiring, I added wedding and high school senior shootings to my portfolio. In addition to my years of experience shooting a wide diversity of styles, I always look for extensive courses online and photography workshops, too, to keep learning and improving my skills.

My website is up and running and I’m ready to go the extra mile to present you with an impeccable and affordable service.


(Eneida Gastal-Keith)

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